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About Us

Our Mission

To inject unbounded possibilities in lighting solutions by collaborating with our partners to provide exceptional value to end customers.

Our Vision

ighting that
ctualizes client’s
ut of our


Your Trusted Lighting Partner
combined years of experience in lighting industry.
Handled a combined projects value over multi million Euro.
Over 10 languages spoken by the team.
Serve you from 4 different timezones in 3 major continents.

LAVOV’s team is a good mix of experienced and energetic members with cumulative experience of over 60 years in the lighting industry that understand the market well.

Our can-do attitudes and commitment to excellence provide real solution to solve our customers problem.

Our lighting specialists are from Europe, Asia, Middle East & America that blend and create the best values in both technical and aesthetics aspects.

We always find the best way to actualize client’s vision out of our value. As Sergio Marchetti said, “We turn on ideas to shine environments.”
Managing Director
As Aaron Rose said “In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” This is what we have been doing.
R&D Director
Keep exploring, studying and learning the latest lighting trends with a radical, groundbreaking attitude is our key to success.
Project Manager


Broad experience

Did you encounter with a potential partner who has only very superficial knowledge of your business problems? LAVOV is the lighting solution partner who has experience in your business field and also professional to add value for you.

We have the experience and skills that fit the needs to improve your chances of success.

Working in digital ways

Due to the pandemic situation, being work flexibly and remotely, meet virtually is the new norm.

Our working takes advantage of the digital revolution. It enables smoother collaboration and minimizes risk on remote sourcing.

Understand your needs

Customers always look for a partner with the capability to fully understand their needs. When you are speaking in English, but your partner is not, communication error will always occur.

As your trusted partner, we can speak the same language with you, to ensure there is no communication error.

Strong R&D capabilities

Although you can source the lighting products globally, there may not be a product that fully meet your unique requirements.

LAVOV not only produces our own world-class lighting products, we also have the strong R&D capabilities to provide tailor made solutions and products that best fit your projects specific architectural and aesthetic needs.

Strong global connections

A lot of companies suffered from supply chain problem when the pandemic started as they rely too much on limited supplier source. The lesson learnt here is a diversified supply chain network could enhance the business continuity.

However, procurement from various vendors and meetings with different partners is a tough and time-consuming process. Especially when you need to purchase from various vendors from worldwide, the process will definitely make you exhausted and as you diversified your supplier network, you have less bargaining power and difficult to maximize your value you enjoy.

In order to simplify the procurement process and minimize the workload, it is suggested to choose a vendor with one-stop solution, strong global connections and extensive supplier network. LAVOV has international presence in Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and South America, providing one-stop lighting solution provider that guarantee for reliable, relevant and value-for-money lighting solution because of our solid experience, bold vision and extended connection in the illumination supply chain. By collaborating with LAVOV, you could ride on their volume and enjoy a better value.

Bring value to your project

A good business partner is someone whose set of skills complement yours.

We are with varying strengths that blend well. With a wide range of skills, LAVOV can bring value to your company or projects.


The use of unsafe or non-certified lighting may lead to electric shocks, fire accidents, or other unexpected situations. Using a product without any testing marks gives no assurance that the unit has ever been tested for manufacturing quality.

As a responsible and trustable lighting solution provider, LAVOV’s production facilities are compliance with EU, America and Asia standard with certification.

All of our works and products are safe and reliable thus accredited by a range of global certifications.

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